Ángel Marenco Molina

Head Coach         

Professional Profile:          

• Licensed in Physical Therapy, University of Costa Rica
• Graduate of Specialized Personal Training, Santa Paula University
• Workshop Coach “Dos Remedios”, Fleming, Henkin, FMCC
• Building The Ultimate Back: From Rehabilitation to Performance, McGill
• Sport Applied Physiology Seminar, UCR
• Philosophy of Strength, Dan John, FMCC
• Workshop Coach “Dos Remedios”
• Neuromuscular Bandages, Kinesio Kenzo
• Balance Body, Pilates Arc Workshop
• Cardiovascular Training, Cybex Institute
• Intervention Dan John, FMCC
• RIP60 Master Coach, Freemotion
• Treatment of Chronic back pain, Therakinesis & INSTEMA Spain
• International TRX Trainer, Fitness Anywhere
• Vertebral Manipulation, Therakinesis & INSTEMA Spain
• The Art of Coaching Workshop with Dan John, FMCC