Paola Céspedes

“I have been training at FMCC for a year and three months and I honestly can’t find the words to describe the excellence of this center in all aspects. They show professionalism and commitment through all of the trainers and team members. Their programs are hand-in-hand with our goals and objectives and they help us to maximize our training potential. They show responsibility in their work by how it prioritizes the welfare and health of the clients. It’s the perfect environment, one of friendship, respect, and a lot of hard work. It is a place where the love and passion for what is done is reflected. Personally, I feel happy and proud of my results. At FMCC, I'm striving to reach my goals, and now, have aspired to reach new ones which I would have never had even dreamed of having before. At FMCC I have learned about real discipline, how to give my all, and especially how to realize my abilities which I didn’t even think I had. Getting up every morning to train and workout has a new significance in my life now that I am part of the FMCC family. I give all my respect and admiration to the whole FMCC training team for having managed to develop a system that allows us to get where we want to be and then some!”.”

Carlos ‘Macho’ Moncada

“Many thanks to Fabian Calvo, Pablo Cascante, and the whole training team for helping with the preparation, training, and confidence-building during each step of our training. Ever since we started training for the first Kona in 2013, FMCC has been a crucial complementary training program that we use in my discipline. The knowledge of how to activate, train, stretch, and strengthen specific muscles has been imperative in helping us be in the best shape for the day-to-day demands of our sport and for being as fit as possible for our competitions. We are ready for what’s to come and I believe that our only limitations are those we impose on ourselves. It is much easier to train and share with professionals who share the same philosophy!”.