The history of FMCC

In 2005, Fabian Campos Calvo graduated with honors in Physiotherapy from the University of Santa Paula and was eager to work as a therapist; the idea of being a physical trainer had never crossed his mind.

What are we?

FMCC is a specialized training center, our programs are 100% personalized and designed to meet each client’s physical or athletic goals.


We are a personal fitness center that specializes in improving the skills, physical fitness, and health of our customers. Our multidisciplinary team of trainers guarantee personalized goal-oriented workout programs to achieve clients’ goals.


We strive to be the best personalized training center in the country, renowned for its high quality standards in promoting healthy lifestyles and improving the training performances of our clients.

The values that define our work:


We work with the health of our customers. Therefore, we adhere to ethical standards that govern our profession.


Between our clients and our team of trainers. We strive to meet our clients’ fitness goals and guarantee commitment and excellence in our work.


Present in each of the training and workout programs we design for our customers as well as in the equipment and tools we use.


Our work is accredited by our university level studies and training, and by our national and international training experiences.


Reflected in how we treat our clients and how we design our training programs.